Girl Power Agency

Make a #SuccessTape

Do you have a #SuccessTape?


Make a #SuccessTape is the inaugural campaign for The Girl Power Agency.

When we began thinking about how to come out to the world, we knew we wanted to SHOW our stakeholders what we’re all about. As a PR agency founded  on the belief that “It’s time to change HERstory,” we knew that hosting a regular launch party wouldn’t do.

So in the spirit of true girl power, we decided to host a launch campaign instead!

The Issue

As sex tapes become a normal and almost celebrated part of pop-culture, we wondered if we could generate a comparable level of buzz for videos that honor women’s brains, not just our bodies.

From that idea, Make a #SuccessTape was born!

In just a few days, we rallied 15 leading ladies who leveraged their careers to become the stars of their own lives. Throughout our first year of operation, The Girl Power Agency will work to encourage more women to make a #SuccessTape and send a powerful message of possibility to young girls and women everywhere!

Wanna make a #SuccessTape? Please do!

Just  create a short video– no longer than 1 minute- of yourself talking about what you do, why you love it, and how it helped you achieve success.

The last line of your video should say “My name is_______. I’m a __________. And this is my Success Tape.”  (So my last line would say, “My name is Kelly. I’m the President of The Girl Power Agency. And this is my Success Tape.”)

Upload your video to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and use the hash tag #SuccessTape. You may also tag us using @GirlPowerAgency. If social media isn’t your thing, then just email us your completed video at

Finally, download a #SuccessTape badge from our Facebook page (/GirlPowerAgency) and share it on your social media sites. This will help raise awareness and encourage your friends to make a #SuccessTape too!

Now, go ahead… make a #SuccessTape!  

Together, let’s change HERstory!

See you on the small screen!